LEGO business cards

I’m not a big fan of the necessary evil of traditional business cards. Most just make me think the company or individual lacks flair, interest, creativity or brand sense. They smell of lost opportunity. Hell, I don’t even like mine.

And while I’m ranting, I also hate the good couple of hours I waste sometime in the week after a conference typing everyone’s name into my address book as well (hmmm… talking like that, I should probably provide a secret web vcard link on mine for people so the tech-savvy can just save the details into their addressbook rather than typing it all out).

So, I thought this was cool : Memorable, creative, brand-centric and just plain fun (though kinda a pain to carry a lot of them round in your wallet… =] ).

When LEGO employees get a business card like this, they even try to match the look of the minifig (gender, hair, glasses) to the person. I love it. It’s a brilliant way for LEGO to use their brand and to create some happiness along the way.

OK, admittedly, part of my liking of this might be because I had always wanted my own action figure (or my guilt-laden love of Robot Chicken).

Oh, and there is also a link on the same page to Neil Patel’s 51 other creative business cards as well.

(via geekdad.)