There’s just no getting around it: Prometheus was a bad movie.

It wasn’t just that it was an unworthy origin myth to the Alien(s/ses/seses) franchise, it was just mediocre scifi in general, distilled to celluloid form.

The sad thing is that it started off with such potential. A quest for our origins as a species and a discovered master builder race fraught with foreboding since we all know what is waiting out there for them in the dark.

But what starts off with a fractured morality tale of the Prometheus myth (and perhaps somewhat, Gilgamesh in his quest for immortality) ends up just being a half-told tale, told badly that just doesn’t hang together, and sadly, leaves itself wide open for a sequel (a prequel-sequel?). The father, and creation of life versus death themes in particular were so overdone as to be eye rolling in places and that’s before you even get to the plot holes you can drive a truck through, to say nothing of where the entire prequel just doesn’t hang together with, at least as far as I could see, the first and second films in general (and now, I’m thinking about, what happened to the biologist after the head cavern attack?)

Anyhow, makes me a sad panda. This was a film I really wanted to be great. Perhaps it’s just time consumers were allowed to tell tale-tellers when their stories have run their course and it’s time to end them rather than dead-dog the franchise. Particularly considering all the (very) early-running hype surrounding Prometheus, I was expecting at least a tale I’d want to gush a little about.